She's 5 months now, and I'm just getting around to adding her to the blog?!?

Here she is...Paisley is very into dressing up. I know everyone thinks it is me, but she had a really bad day at school not long ago...and it was because Daddy didn't put on matching socks for her. Her outfit choices vary each day, although she does go to daycare during the week she gets all dolled up. Paisley's favorite accessory is her bracelet, Nana got her. She has been voted "best dressed."
Just this week she has begun rolling over. She can go either way but does not care to be on her stomach for long periods of time.
Not to your surprise, but she is a bit spoiled :)
In our house she goes by the name "sweetie pie" and Pierce calls her this all the time. He is obsessed with her and tries to get in bed with her and read her books. SO far he can only read her one book that he has memorized but she enjoys it. He also tends to her needs, he gives her a pillow and "cobers" (covers).
Pierce will be moving up to the preschool room this week! This room has the 3,4 and 5 year olds in it. HE is very excited to back with his friends, Ronnie and Alex.

This lady needs to go to bed so good night, and hopefully I can post again soon.


WOW the time has gone by fast!

Pierce is now 18 months old now!! He weighs about 26 lbs and talks like crazy. Since we last blogged, Pierce has surpassed many milestones. He is a great dancer and performs for others anytime the music is on. Pierce is still in "school " full time and absolutely loves it. Pierce has many friends in his class and can pronounce all of their names. Pierce is a very good artist and is always bringing home paintings from school. His favorite friends are 2 little girls, Izzy and Anna. He talks about them non stop. Recently he has become obsessed with anything Elmo including his diapers. We had an incident the other day when Big bird was on the diaper and not Elmo. Pierce threw a bit of a fit about this and proceeded to pull out all of the diapers till he found one with Elmo on it.
He can repeat anything you say and loves to talk on the phone. He can say Hi Momma, Hi Dada, Bop Bop, Dee Dee, Nana, Granny, Papa, Jackson and Carson without being prompted. Our latest word is MINE and is not a favorite of mine nor Reece's.
Pierce loves to read and will ask you to read to you by bringing a book and sitting in your lap.
Just a quick update on how is he doing, he was diagnosed with Asthma and is on inhaler treatments throughout the day time. He is doing much better with the inhaler now and will hopefully grow out of it. Other than that our household is busy planning the big wedding! We hope to see everyone this weekend!  Love you all and good night!


Pierce's First Birthday

Hello to everyone. We have made it, the first year has come and we have graduated into the toddler stages. Pierce is growing faster than we ever imagined possible. He mastered walking 1 week before his first Birthday. He is currently cutting 2 more bottom teeth and says a few basic words/sounds. He says Momma, Dadda, BA BA, which is either Bird or Bop, we can't decide. Everytime Pierce picks up a toy car or is in his little car he makes car noises which he learned from his cousin Deacon. He loves pointing to everything and babbling.
Pierce had a wonderful first Birthday with all of his cousins and family in attendence. Pierce had a monkey themed party complete with monkey cupcakes and party favors. For his Birthday he got a ball pit, wagon, riding car, books, toys, blocks, clothes, and a very cute beach towel from Aunt Renee.
Pierce recently started school at a daycare/preschool and is in a class with 4 one year olds and 4 infants. He is learning to have family style dinning and practices saying his prayers before meals. Pierce participates in daily activities within the different learning centers in his classroom. Pierce's teachers report he is their best student when it comes to nap time and sitting in his chair at the dinner table. Pierce sleeps on a cot at school and the teachers say he is very good at laying down by himself and falling asleep. Pierce has also gone without a bottle the past few days and so far hasn't missed it much. Hopefully we have done way with the bottle since the school won't allow any one year old to have one.
We are very proud of Pierce's accomplishments and thankful we have found him a fantastic daycare where he can learn and feel safe!!
Enjoy the pictures!!!


First hair cut

In a few weeks, Pierce will be celebrating a big milestone...his FIRST BIRTHDAY!! I put together a slide show of some of the pictures throughout the year and emailed them to everyone in my address book. It has been a very busy year! It doesn't seem like Pierce should already be one! Dee Dee and Bop Bop took him to get his first haircut last week. Pierce was as good as we could have asked him to be under the circumstances of scissors, clippers and everyone trying to keep him still. Pierce has been enjoying the nice weather over the past few days, and has been strolling in his jogging stroller, and went to the park to play on the swings. We are still working on teaching him to walk. He is able to walk short distances, about 3 steps and then he gives up. He is very quick at crawling and loves holding on the walls to get around the house. We will be taking Pierce to a daycare for the first time this week. It is at a lady's house and there will be 2 other boys his same age. We have been training him to fall asleep on his own in his bed, and have been successful thus far. We hope this helps at the daycare but we are a little scared he may not want to nap due to all the excitement. Pierce officially hates baby food and prefers to eat what everyone else is eating. He is off of formula now and we are trying to transition into eliminating the bottle from our lives. We will keep you updated on how that goes. As spring approaches, many things are changing in our lives and we are looking forward to what this next year may bring. Birthday party information is soon to come...


Christmas and Recent Pictures

Hello to Everyone!! Thank you for being so patient, I haven't had much time to sit and upload all of these pictures until now. We all had the best Christmas ever, Santa brought Pierce clothes, toys, an Elmo and book and his favorite toy...Scout, who is a talking dog. Christmas time was very busy for us, we had several houses to go to but fit everyone in!!

Pierce updates:

He has 4 teeth now, the top two have finally made their long anticipated appearance after causing a lot of pain! Pierce is pulling himself up on everything and is learning to balance, but has not yet tried to walk on his own. He is very good at pushing his toys around the house but is still a little timid to let go. Pierce loves pulling up on the dryer door when helping with the laundry and the dishwasher door as he is in charge of the silverware. Pierce is very good at saying Mama but has not attempted to say anything else lately, he does scream and make odd sounds but no new words yet. Lately he has been trying out different laughs, if he hears or sees anyone laughing he will try to laugh with you. Pierce is doing very well at sleeping through the night again but is not fond of nap time any longer.

The greatest story we have for you all, is the other night Pierce dumped the entire basket of socks out and starting throwing one of his socks across the room. He then would crawl over to the sock as fast as he could and put it in his mouth and shake his head from left to right. He did this a few times, and the only explanation I can come up with is...he has observed Lupe, (my Dad's little dog) and seen him do this with his stuffed animal. It is by far the funniest thing we have ever seen!! That is all for now, we will talk to you all soon! ENJOY the pictures!!



Hello everyone. There are so many things to update you all on about Pierce!! Since we last posted, Pierce celebrated his First Thanksgiving and met his Granny and Papa Barnes! Pierce had 2 Thanksgivings this year, he went to his Great Grandma Dillard's house and then celebrated with the Tarwaters. Pierce was so full of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes he had to take 2 naps that day!!!

We have officially put up all the Christmas decorations and hired Bop Bop to help with the outside lights on the house! Pierce said he was asking Santa for toys and clothes!!

He is officially outgrowing every clothing item he owns! Even though he is approaching 9 months old, he is wearing 12-18 month old clothing!

Pierce mastered crawling and pulling himself up. He is getting very brave and tends to attempt balancing on his own when he pulls himself up.

Lately Pierce has been showing us his dance moves..he rocks back and forth when sitting and claps his hands together.

I think that about takes care of everything up to date..we are 2 weeks away from Christmas and Pierce will be busy shopping for everyone on his list this year...