She's 5 months now, and I'm just getting around to adding her to the blog?!?

Here she is...Paisley is very into dressing up. I know everyone thinks it is me, but she had a really bad day at school not long ago...and it was because Daddy didn't put on matching socks for her. Her outfit choices vary each day, although she does go to daycare during the week she gets all dolled up. Paisley's favorite accessory is her bracelet, Nana got her. She has been voted "best dressed."
Just this week she has begun rolling over. She can go either way but does not care to be on her stomach for long periods of time.
Not to your surprise, but she is a bit spoiled :)
In our house she goes by the name "sweetie pie" and Pierce calls her this all the time. He is obsessed with her and tries to get in bed with her and read her books. SO far he can only read her one book that he has memorized but she enjoys it. He also tends to her needs, he gives her a pillow and "cobers" (covers).
Pierce will be moving up to the preschool room this week! This room has the 3,4 and 5 year olds in it. HE is very excited to back with his friends, Ronnie and Alex.

This lady needs to go to bed so good night, and hopefully I can post again soon.

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